The “Booby” Drawer

There is a common thread among parents when it comes to laundry!

Practically parenting?

“This goes in the booby drawer, Mommy!” says my 3 year old as he picks up my bra from the Mt. Everest sized laundry pile (not pictured) on my bedroom floor.  Interesting…  I laughed out loud, but I’ve never called it a “booby drawer.”  I don’t even like to use the word booby when I talk about the human body.  However, as I’m learning, anything and everything to do with breasts, butts, penises, and body sounds is highly hysterical to my boys.  I thought I was alone until a friend of mine dropped her 6 year old son off for a play date and apologized in advance for her son’s obsession with the word poop.  Whew!  At least it’s not just my kids.

And, I’m sure it’s not just my household that uses the master bedroom floor as the family closet, a.k.a. clean laundry dumping zone, either.  Someday it will all be folded nicely and put away before it gets worn and dirty again…  Someday…..  You know the feeling?!  Whew!  At least it’s not just my house!  There are simply some days where I feel like I’m practically parenting by the seat of my (unlaundered) pants!

With that common thread, I hereby officially launch my parenting blog, “Practically Parenting,” which I hope will share interesting, emotional, engaging and practical conversations beyond fecal matter and private parts.  However, if it suits us, we might just discuss toilet habits and other touchy subjects!

By the way, you might find this laundry article super helpful in the meantime….  “How To Stop Being Overwhelmed by Laundry!”

Happy reading!  Happy commenting!  Happy parenting!



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