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A Little More Downer

A Little More Downer

“A little more downer, please.”

At some point in their young lives, every child will have an adult in stitches from saying the darndest thing at least once or twice.  A friend of our family, author and amazing mom Amy Krouse Rosenthal, gave us a book from her journal line to help us remember our own children’s sayings through the years.  From the day we got “Words to Remember:  A Journal for Your Child’s Sweet and Amusing Sayings,” we have been collecting the cutest comments, funniest phrases, and words of wisdom that could only come from a child.

One of the first entries came from four year old Eliza as we walked through a department store.  “Mom, why do they call them mannequins?  They should call them ‘woman-equins.”  Another one of my favorites is Will’s response to his father’s very serious explanation about how bullies come in all shapes and sizes.  With a sly grin, he piped, “Do they come in triangles?”

My husband’s favorite is the conversation with Eliza about “process of elimination.”  He attempted to give her this example to help her understand better.  “Which of these three people was the President of the United States:  a) Jenny Green;  b)  Steve Green;  c)  Grover Cleveland?”  <Pause.>  “WAIT!  One of you was PRESIDENT?!”, she squealed.  Personally, I was amazed my husband had heard of Grover Cleveland because he’s British, but that only dawned on me after we laughed and laughed…  and laughed.

Grover Cleveland

President Grover Cleveland

We have filled page after page after page…  we’ll be on our second journal shortly.  The kids never cease to enjoy hearing their own “voices” and marveling about the things they said when they were “so young.”  The book comes out at dinner times, to be read sacredly by Daddy, with much laughter and joy around the table.  All of a sudden, no one is in a hurry to be excused.  It is truly one of the most precious times our family shares together.

The most recent item was by Ryan, age 3, who is just now starting to have his fair share of entries compared to his talkative, older siblings.  We were driving along with the windows down and enjoying the fresh air of spring that finally arrived in Maine this week.  We were singing songs and have a lovely little outing.  He was giggling at the wind from the open window and wanted it to be rolled down a bit further to enjoy the full effect.  He quipped in his little, but manly, preschool voice, “A little more downer, please!”  To most, this isn’t necessarily the funniest or the most profound comment, but it made me smile.  It was a simple reminder that sometimes all we need is to roll the windows down, let the fresh air blow through our hair, and enjoy to the fullest the sweet, humorous, and clever things our kids say.

Here’s to a “little more downer, please.”




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